Perhaps the last thing that the world needs right now is another blog, but yes, we have decided to start this blog, which we are calling OAnarchy. OA for “open access,” and “anarchy” because we feel that some disorder and fundamental rethinking would do the field quite a bit of good. We have explored ways of rethinking the scholarly communications process in a lengthy series of publications, commentaries, and projects. This blog is our attempt to make these communications more agile, responsive, and open. Please pass on the link to the blog, and share with persons that you think might be interested in this topic!

Guest posts are welcome. Please inquire with one of us below.

Who are we?

Josh Bolick / @JoshBolick
Ada Emmett / @adaemmett
Marc L. Greenberg / @marek4
Town Peterson / @ATP_biodiv
Brian Rosenblum / @blros
at a university in the Midwest



The opinions here emerge from work done by OA advocates at our university in the Midwest. The opinions are those of the authors themselves and not necessarily of our home institution.


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